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The Plight of the Orphan

Here is Kim’s message to UMC LEAD 2017 Conference along with other stories of justice.  

church assessment process

Why are Church Assessments so hard?

Church assessments are hard. It is that simple. All of us want to see both ourselves and our churches in the best possible light. It is kind of like when our jeans don’t fit after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We can try to say they shrunk in the wash or we can admit to…

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Creating church programs is a look like picking a new surfboard.

How does picking surfboards = creating church programs?

On Monday, we focused on how churches need to engage with the waves of cultural change that seem to be hitting us from all directions. We need to ask: is this a preference or is it a principle of doing ministry?  Now that we are clear on our ministry principles, here comes the big question:…

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Does your church fight the cultural waves or surf them?

Many churches bemoan all of the changes that are happening in today’s society.  Every time you stop to take a breath, something changes.  Whether it is how teenagers communicate to one another or even what is the hottest TV show or song this week, everything seems to be moving in fast forward.  Just once we…

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What can churches learn from a Qantas safety video?

What can an airline video can teach church communication?

Mashable is often a wonderful place to find tidbits of insights for churches that we never could quite expect. Today, they highlighted a new Qantas safety video called “Feels Like Home.” The interesting part is that it not only shows us something about videos, but provides an “ah-ha” moment that can relate to every element…

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Can any church grow?

Can any church grow or not?

We all love an underdog story. A group of rebels fighting an evil empire. The story of a losing football team and a coach desperate to save his job. A group of inner-city students looking for a way  out of poverty by learning calculus. These are powerful stories, but do we believe that a church can face a hopeless situation…

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Time to clean up and focus on church renewal.

A new beginning on church renewal

While it may seem odd, fall always seems like a time for new beginning for me. When I see the leaves fall, I see an ending of the old and a the start of wiping the slate clean. Winter comes and creates a blank white canvas for spring to erupt and birth something new. Fall…

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Beer and Emotion: The Power of an Idea in Church Communication

Ok.  To start with, I apologize.  Yep, it has been forever since I posting anything on this site. Between writing for United Methodist Communications and my day job, I have not had much time to be able to do much writing, let along blogs.  We’ll see if I can start writing on a more regular…

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A pep talk for church revitalization

What we need is a pep talk

We need to honestly face the facts.  We can try to deny it as much as we want, but the U.S. church is in decline.  In a well documented book, “Restart Your Church” by Dottie Escobedo-Frank, she clearly defines the situation:  Thom Ranier, in a U.S. study of 1,159 churches (2002), said that 94% of…

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The mistake of trying to achieve 100% perfection

OK…I have been a bad blogger.  Let me take that back.  I have been a really bad blogger.  I have done the unforgivable sin of not posting for almost a year.  I could make all sorts of excuses.  I was made the acting VP for my industry team and had to build a team from…

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