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Practical uses of blogs and wikis for everyday work

I am working through a number of projects this week which all focus on a simple question:  "What is a practical way to use blogs and wikis for my work?"  This often springs from a desire to use the latest, greatest and cheapest tools while still looking technologically advanced.  I have this tool, but I…

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What’s the real purpose of a blog?

Right now, I have a massive folder of blog posts, articles, and clipping that all caught my eye as some point.  New technologies (like Joost – TV on your PC), marketing techniques using Second Life, and more are all waiting to be thought through and distilled.  So, what to do with all the information so…

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OK…It is time to meet Charlie!

Meet Charlie is a presentation I ran across about a year ago when starting to look at Web 2.0 and trying to figure out how it can be used in an Enterprise context.  We were asked by a client to think about how to launch Web 2.0 technologies inside their company. Meet Charlie – what…

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