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Facebook friends…just for fun or good business

I have been thinking a lot about how to use Facebook beyond a social tool to connect with friends.  I am on a few non-profit boards for the United Methodist Church and also working to trying to build the Business Transformation business at Abreon.  I find myself thinking about a simple question, "what is the…

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Old Habits Die Hard. Why?

Today I am working through a simple problem.  How do you get people to adopt a new way of doing work?  If they believe that their current behaviors are fine, how do you get them to "see the better way" and start to change?  How do you get them to adapt their current behaviors to…

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Using web 2.0 for non-profits

For the past month, I have been pondering the use of web 2.o technologies for non-profits.  I have been asked by both the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church and UM Communications (Global Agency of the United Methodists), to serve on their leadership team.  While many churches use simple websites to communicate with…

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