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Keeping the team focused in an economic downturn

I was reading my RSS feed when I came across a great article from bNet.  bNet is a mega-blog (my own term for a massive compliation of blogs and content from lots of sources) for business folks to get advise on everything from hiring Gen Y, to how to apply Web 2.0 applications for business,…

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Why can’t IT and business managers get along

Why can’t IT and the business get along and work together to deliver value?  I am often called in to help facilitate conversations between the Information Technology organizations and the Business Units they support.  Many times, I am a organizational “marriage counselor” trying to help them communicate with one another instead of talking “past one…

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Make sure you are cutting the right things.

As the Dow continues to tank, there is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt for all of us.  Our retirement funds are taking a beating and our companies are frenzied, worrying about the bottom-line.  As many companies start slashing costs, I would ask a simple question, “are you cutting the right things?” Many companies turn…

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Are we asking the right questions?

I have been working with a number of companies and organizations over the past couple weeks and a recurring theme keeps coming back. A number of the organizations I work with are trying to determine their future direction. Today, Fortune 25 companies and non-profits alike are seeking to see how to be relevant in the…

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