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Barriers to Corporate Use of Social Media – A debunking by tweetpr

While scanning through Twitter, I found a very interesting article by tweetpr on "Debunking the Social Media Barriers."  It focused on the 44% of companies who stated they would probably or definitely not use social media in a recent CEO Survey by PRWeek.  PRWeek followed up by asking them what they considered to be the…

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Reflections on Twitter and using proper ettiquette.

I have spent the past few weeks learning how to use Twitter.  It started with a Hubspot webinar on "How to use Twitter for Marketing & PR."  So, I started to build a profile, modify the look and feel of my page, and then starting to follow thought leaders in the social media space.  I…

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Can Obama’s Campaign 2.0 turn into Change 2.0 for America?

After last night’s historic election, I am taking a moment to reflect on my hopes that this campaign can change how we create change in our schools, our communities, and yes, even our government.  I found the choice at the polls a difficult one.  For me, it came down to a simple question … who…

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