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Don’t blame the tool…church marketing (how) vs. clarity of calling (why)

Marketing is a tool to help churches articulate God’s call to members and the community. Many churches reject marketing because they worried that it dilutes their call. I think it can be just the opposite.


New bumper sticker: Stop church on church crime!

I was reading Scott William's blog, Big is the New Small, and he wrote a very nice post called, "Stop Hatin' On Other Pastor's and Ministries."  He was very irritated about seeing Pastors, Christians and Ministries hatin’ on other Pastors, Christians and Ministries.  This is not of God and it needs to stop. New bumper sticker:  Stop Church…

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A branding lesson from ducks and what churches can learn from it.

What churches can learn from the Peabody hotel when it comes to branding.


Getting Started in Social Media – Start by Listening

The first step is starting a digital marketing strategy for your church is to LISTEN. It is important to be plugged into the conversation before adding your “two cents.” Here is a step by step guide to get you started.

Thumbs Up: Visual Identity For Ministry – Godvertiser.com

Do you have a life verse?  What about for your ministry? Perhaps a resounding metaphor that clearly identifies what your organization is called to in our culture?  Or a visual icon other than a standard logo? Mustard Seed Generation, led by Dr. Josephine Kim of Harvard with Pastor David Jung, sports a neat visual identity…

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Thoughts on “Pollyanna Principles for The UMC” (Post by Thoughts of Resurrection)

Andrew Conrad wrote an interesting response in applying the “Pollyanna principles” to the United Methodist Church. It comes back to measurement…what should we measure and how should we hold both pastors and churches accountable?

Leveraging Social Media for the Gospel

There are positives and the negatives in the social media space, but there is a compelling case that churches need to get onto social media as part of our mission to “go and make disciples” in the world.

What Social Media Users Want (statistics on why people go to specific sites).

Helpful report on social media statistics and what people want to “consume” on the different social media sites.

4 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Google Buzz

Mashable wrote an interesting article about how Google Buzz can help non-profits.

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