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4 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Google Buzz

Mashable wrote an interesting article about how Google Buzz can help non-profits.

Despite some initial flaws, Google Buzz (Google Buzz) continues to show promise as a social marketing platform. It has a significant (though somewhat latent) user base, with an increasing number of loyalists who swear by it.

When a green field lies before you, so does opportunity. Some non-profits stand to gain from being part of the early Buzz adopter community. Whether a cause needs to further the dialogue with a tech-savvy crowd, or is attracted to the functionality of Gmail ()integration, Buzz does bring some new capabilities to bear.

via mashable.com

They call out four great uses:

1. Manage Public Conversations Better
2. E-mail Integration Means Better Workflow
3. Finally Connect to "Unsocial" Users
4. Geo-Location Adds a New Element

Read the article here to dig into the article.  Feel free to share your experiences with Buzz so we can all learn together.

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eseiberling • March 21, 2010

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