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Thumbs Up: Visual Identity For Ministry – Godvertiser.com

Do you have a life verse?  What about for your ministry?

Perhaps a resounding metaphor that clearly identifies what your organization is called to in our culture?  Or a visual icon other than a standard logo?

Mustard Seed Generation, led by Dr. Josephine Kim of Harvard with Pastor David Jung, sports a neat visual identity which takes it all and wraps it into the “1 > 99″ textual image.

It’s perfect for t-shirts — take a look!


What I love about this visual representation of Luke 15 is that it takes most people a minute or two to figure out what it is referring to and you can almost see the light bulb turn on over people’s heads.

via godvertiser.com

Mustard Seed Generation starts to address the idea of creating an "equity" for your church.

I'll address it in the coming weeks, but the question I will leave in your head is:

"What are 3 to 5 words people immediately think of when they hear your church's name?"

eseiberling • March 22, 2010

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