Exploring church strategy, organization and marketing with the belief that 1>99.


One way to grow your congregation…SKIP CHURCH!

Most church marketing efforts are misguiding because the use approaches that appeal to people already in the pews. Jesus spent 30 years understanding the people he was willing to reach. Are you willing to spend 30 days to understand your community?


Stop the excuses…Prune your church to grow.

Many churches point the finger at outside factors for their lack of growth. That is just an excuse. Churches have faced these issues for thousands of years. We need to focus on how we can prune our way to growth to create ministries that grow in both numbers and “sweetness” to God.

Don’t be a church marketing lemming..avoid the “shiny object syndrome”

Many churches keep chasing new technologies as “the next big thing” to market their church. Two words: “Stop it!” Start by understanding how to connect the right message, to the right people, at the right place and time.

Advertising vs. Marketing: A one-night stand vs. a long term relationship

Many people in churches confuse advertising with church marketing. They are looking for that “silver bullet” postcard that will pack the pews (advertising) while they should be focusing on creating the long-term relationship (marketing.)


What are the bright spots for the church? – Lessons from Chip & Dan Heath’s book “Switch”

Finding the bright spots in churches so we can all learn how to grow. A quick lesson from Chip and Dan Heath’s book “Switch.”


Church marketing…a journey of a thousand steps

Church marketing cannot be judged by a single postcard. It is the “hello” at the beginning of a long relationship between God, the receiver and the church who sent it. It is our responsibility to use it wisely.