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Take your best shot…Any questions about how churches can use social media?

 I am in the process of writing my content calendar for the next few weeks and thought I should as a simple question…  what questions do you have? I don't claim to be a "guru" or expert, but I try to make sense of the big mosh pit called social media and church marketing.  I…

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Social media is not a fad…get on board or be left behind.

Social media isn’t a fad. The statistics prove it. So here is what your church needs to do to “get on board” and not be left behind.


Are “recipes for success” all bad for the church?

We can all make fun of the “formulaic” approach that some churches take for contemporary worship, but are all “recipes for success” bad?

Goodbye “Get A Mac” – Learning the power of “contrast” for church marketing

What can the church learn from the “Get a Mac” campaign?

Life’s a blur…focus on the eternal (the calling for your church)

Having a clearly articulated call for your church is essential to growth. Yet many churches appear to be ADHD in their approach to ministry. Why?


Walk a mile in another’s shoes – Connecting with the right community

An essential for your church strategy and marketing plan is understanding who you are trying to each. This post summarizes a series of blog posts about getting you know your community


Coffee for Christ…Linking to the familiar for the sake of the Gospel.

Can you use coffee (and other familiar things) for the sake of Christ. Here is why some church lobbies look like coffee shops and do other things to provide seekers a frame of reference and make them feel more comfortable.


Understanding your audience…Using personas to connect with your community.

All the data in the world can’t help a church marketing effort. A persona turns a pile of information and statistics into a story that people can empathize with and allows us to see people, not “target audiences.” It helps everyone understand who we are trying to reach and evaluate our actions from someone else’s point of view.


If a mini-van can have “swagger,” why can’t the church?

Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon” campaign is going viral. What can the church learn to get a little swagger itself?

If social media changes perception of the U.S., why not the church?

The U.S. State Department has used social media to help change foreign countries attitudes about the U.S. Can’t the church do the same thing? Are we willing and open to listen and engage with our local communities?

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