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Moving Day – the power of getting rid of your stuff (personally & for churches)

While moving is a pain, it helps us examine all of the “stuff” we are holding on to and get rid of our “junk.” Do churches need to move (metaphorically or even physically)?

Growing ideas by Understanding Your Audience

Most people fall in love with an “idea” but never think about how the intended audience will use or interact with it. We need to nurture these ideas to create full blown ideas that will be effective.


Quick-Link: The Open-Source Church « David Housholder’s Journal

The open-source movement may even have implications for the church. Here are some of my thoughts on David Householder’s post on the “Open-Source Church.”

church measurement

A matter of accountability or a lack of trust?

Potential changes in the United Methodist appointment system have stirred up a lot of emotions which may indicate the lack of trust and accountability of the system. Do we need to reconsider how we evaluate church and pastoral performance?

What is your church’s theme song?

To paraphrase Ally Mcbeal, “what is your theme song that would run in the background if they made a story about your church?” It can review a lot about your church and how the community perceives it.