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The Pride before the Fall…What churches can learn from the “Google Reformation” vs. “Apple Catholicism.”

What can churches learn from Apple’s current issues? Is there a parallel between Apple vs. Google and Catholicism vs. Protestantism in the 16th century? Here are six things your church can do to avoid the “fall” from pride.


Don’t sell to me…tell me a story (communication tips for non-creatives.)

Writing a script for an advertisement can be one of the most daunting things on the planet. It requires thinking through the power of every single word and arranging them in such a way to have an impact. Here is a quick guide to help to try to tell a story vs. just yelling your message.


Monkey + Amazon = Recall…The Power of Humor in Press Releases.

What churches can learn from a little “monkey” called Woot when it was acquired by Amazon.

The power of pictures….Can your church articulate its calling visually?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Sports Page tells the entire story of why Lebron left with one picture and seven words. Can churches articulate their calling and reason for relevance in the same way?

Good or Bad? – Free Book from IslandParish.com

A website called “Island Parish” is putting out a e-book at the beginning of August (which you can get for free by registering.) While the promo video says all the right things, will it deliver?