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Chunking your discipleship…a lesson from Kahn’s Academy and Bill Gates

While the world has changed, our process for discipleship has not. We are stuck in the same industrial age model of classes and content while new technologies enable new ways to convey the same idea in a deeper yet in a more immersive and simpler way. Learn a lesson from Kahn’s Academy (Bill Gates favorite teacher) and how to apply it to the church.

Expanding your boundaries…the impact of hyper-social nature of man and social media.

The growth of tribes and digital technologies create new opportunities for churches to “expand their boundaries” beyond the four walls of the church. How can churches understand the concepts of “hyper-social” and “human 1.0” as well as new models and technologies for interaction to help create God-centered change.

Is this what you are meant for? Reflecting on God’s Calling for You and Your Church

Reflection is always a good thing. We get caught up in our day-to-day living and get so busy that we never have a chance to reflect on our lives or how we serve God (either on our own or as part of the church. As you reflect on your life, what would God say about you and your church?

Stop the spiritual pity party by asking “What are you doing here?”

Sermon on how Elijah needed to break out of his spiritual pity party by taking a time out to restore himself physically and listen to God’s still small voice asking “What are you doing here?” Learn how this can apply to your own life and to the church.