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Singing from the same sheet of music… Using Dropbox for Worship planning.

Many times, getting all the materials ready for Sunday Morning worship can be a hassle.  People are e-mailing songs, announcements, sermon outline changes, slides or any number of things or running around with USB drives to get everything ready.  From bulletins to worship PowerPoints, this can be a nightmare of versioning and keeping everyone in sync.

As a quick fix, do yourself a favor and set up a Dropbox account.  Dropbox is a way to keep all of your files across multiple computers in sync (even with different people).

Check out this video explanation:

Dropbox allows you to access files from any PC, mobile device and websites.  You can also share folders with others and that is the powerful thing for worship planning (and any other effort that requires sharing lots of materials with a team.)

Dropbox creates an icon on your desktop.  Set up a Dropbox folder for worship, bulletins, newsletters or any other effort and invite people to share.

Look at the thumbnail gallery below that shows you creating a new folder and sharing that file with others.

  • New folder
  • Share 1
  • Share2

Make a folder for all of your worship assets (songs, etc.) and then create a new folder for each week.  If you run out of space, archive the old materials or buy additional capacity.

Start off by using a personal account and have others on your team do the same.  If your church really likes it, it may make sense to upgrade to a business account to keep everything in sync.

It may be a simple “HOW-TO” but it answers a problem that I here a lot from many churches.  Give Dropbox a try and let me know what you think.

Let me know how Dropbox works for you.  What other collaboration tools have you found that can help keep your church in sync?


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eseiberling • February 3, 2011

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