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Let the children lead…

As I think about the church, I get a little discouraged by the manuevering and the politics, expecially as we think about the 2012 General Conference for the United Methodist Church coming next year.  The caucuses are already positioning themselves to make a run at establishing their agendas, and people are all ready to fight.

Then, my wife posted the following on Facebook:

“As we think about prayer this lent and going to God with an honety and open heart … let the children lead the way. Look at these kid’s prayer from Granger Church. It will touch your heart.”

Kids Prayers from Granger Community Church on Vimeo.

Are we willing to go to God with our toughest problems?  Are we willing to be this honest?  What would be the result?

What if we as the church stopped whining about our specific agendas and focused on answering these children’s prayers.  How can we help those who hurt, feed those who are hungry and work to eliminate suffering?

Are we willing to turn our churches over to God?  Are we willing to listen to the voices of children to discern God’s small, still voice?

If so…let us pray.  Let us listen.  Let us follow.

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eseiberling • March 23, 2011

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