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Beer and Emotion: The Power of an Idea in Church Communication

Ok.  To start with, I apologize.  Yep, it has been forever since I posting anything on this site. Between writing for United Methodist Communications and my day job, I have not had much time to be able to do much writing, let along blogs.  We’ll see if I can start writing on a more regular basis so feel free to jump in the conversation (OR IF YOU WANT TO GUEST BLOG, LET”S TALK!)

Anyway, scrolling through my Facebook feed, I stumbled across an AdWeek article called “Guinness Has Made the Only Ad You Need to See This Fourth of July” by Tim Nudd. Guinness’ campaign called “Made of More” just released their new ad “Empty Chair” as a follow up to “Wheel-Chair Basketball” to convey the power of people and then link it to the Guinness brand.

Take a look:

Guinness describes the spot the following way:

Empty Chair” salutes the character of a community as they honor one of their own who is out of sight, but not out of mind. They remind us that a true test of character is what you do when no one’s looking. The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. Guinness proudly raises a glass to those who are #MadeOfMore.

In a very short spot, Guinness is able to honor those who serve in the Armed Forces and those who are waiting for them. Very subtly, they connect it to the Guinness brand.  If a brand is the “emotional aftertaste of the sum of experiences that the consumer has with a brand” then Guinness is doing a wonderful job connecting Guinness to feelings of caring for others and connecting on a deep level.

Here is the stupid question:  Why does the church struggle to convey the power of faith without appearing hokey or manipulative?

Many would say that we are not professional marketers and we do not have the expertise to create these types of commercials.  I think I need to disagree.  At the heart of this ad (or any good ad) is a clear insight on how people experience “the benefit” and crafting a honest, compelling story around it.

What is the value of prayer?  In what situations does it show? How does that relate to faith in general and a specific church or denomination?

Anyone who had a loved one in a car accident who has been in a hospital waiting room who had a friend come in and pray with them can tell you the power of prayer.  Ask a child before he is taking a big test (yes, there is prayer in public schools). AND SO ON…

Learn from Guinness.  Find the moment and tell the story. Isn’t that what our faith is all about?

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eseiberling • July 8, 2014

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