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Beer and Emotion: The Power of an Idea in Church Communication

Ok.  To start with, I apologize.  Yep, it has been forever since I posting anything on this site. Between writing for United Methodist Communications and my day job, I have not had much time to be able to do much writing, let along blogs.  We’ll see if I can start writing on a more regular…

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Feeding the campfire…developing a content strategy for your marketing efforts.

C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley have developed a wonderful metaphor about content in their book, Content Rules (which I highly recommend!)  Think about a campfire.  What do you think about?  We remember the times around the fire with friends, telling stories and staying warm.  It creates a sense of “instant community” and camaraderie. There are…

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Ready or Not…Mobile is Coming!

Ready or not, mobile is a growing trend that your church needs to deal with. Many churches have barely launched websites let alone reach out to those in your community using mobile messaging and applications. Many people believe it is just a fad. The data suggests otherwise…

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Invite people home… a strategy to create digital relationships with your church.

Social media tools are great, but churches need to think through how to leverage social media sites to help create relationships and connect them “home” to deepen relationship.

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Egypt & Social Media…the blueprint of creating a digital movement (even for your church.)

Churches can learn a lesson from the digital revolution in Egypt. A digital movement can be generated using the social media tools now available. The power is in your hands. Use it wisely.

Filed of Dreams - Featured

Avoid the “field of dreams” syndrome… How to plan and promote church events with Social Media.

Too many take the “Field of Dreams” approach in their events, thinking people will “auto-magically” come to any event. Churches need to take advantage of many of the Social Media tools to make their event a success. Here’s a “how-to” to help you.

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Don’t use half your brain! Focus on the WHOLE church experience.

Churches need to focus on the individual’s experience at every touchpoint we interact with them. Words are not enough. Visuals help. Meaningful, relevant experiences are what will connect someone to Christ and your church.

Need more proof Facebook is critical to your church outreach efforts? [INFOGRAPHIC from Mashable.com]

In case you need any more proof that Facebook is critical to your church’s outreach efforts, here is an amazing infographic from SocialHype and OnlineSchools.org.

The infomediary effect…a simple reason why your church needs to get in the game.

Every two days, we create the same amount of knowledge at existed from the dawn of time until 2003. We are buried in information. Our attention spans have gotten shorter. Churches need to understand and leverage infomediaries if they hope to stay in the conversation and stay relevant.

Hijacking pop culture…does it work?

Many churches try to copy pop culture in their communication. Is this effective? What can we learn from pop culture trends and how can churches hijack it to be effective in spreading their message.

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