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church assessment process

Why are Church Assessments so hard?

Church assessments are hard. It is that simple. All of us want to see both ourselves and our churches in the best possible light. It is kind of like when our jeans don’t fit after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We can try to say they shrunk in the wash or we can admit to…

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Creating church programs is a look like picking a new surfboard.

How does picking surfboards = creating church programs?

On Monday, we focused on how churches need to engage with the waves of cultural change that seem to be hitting us from all directions. We need to ask: is this a preference or is it a principle of doing ministry?  Now that we are clear on our ministry principles, here comes the big question:…

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Straw, Sticks or Bricks…Selecting the right technologies for your website.

We all know the story of the three little pigs.  Each one built a house:  one of straw, one of sticks and one of bricks.  One technology met the test while the other failed because the pigs did not want to put the time and effort it.  Two piggies were bacon (depending on which story…

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Laying the foundation…Creating the sitemap for your website

Every house (or church) needs a layout and a floor plan.  Before your house was built, someone hired an architect to design the basic layout of the house.  How does someone get into the house? (doors)  What is the flow of the floor plan?  (foyer -> living room -> kitchen or dining room and so…

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Feeding the campfire…developing a content strategy for your marketing efforts.

C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley have developed a wonderful metaphor about content in their book, Content Rules (which I highly recommend!)  Think about a campfire.  What do you think about?  We remember the times around the fire with friends, telling stories and staying warm.  It creates a sense of “instant community” and camaraderie. There are…

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Ready or Not…Mobile is Coming!

Ready or not, mobile is a growing trend that your church needs to deal with. Many churches have barely launched websites let alone reach out to those in your community using mobile messaging and applications. Many people believe it is just a fad. The data suggests otherwise…

Piecing together a story using “Storify”

How can churches use Storify to pull together content from social networks to create a cohesive story with tweets, posts, photos and videos from all the sources across the web to spread the word.


Show me the VISION (vs. money)…The Art of Digital Fundraising

50% of churches do not have an annual stewardship campaign. EPIC FAIL! Churches need to cast a vision of why to give and allow people to support causes that matter. Here are some ways to do that.

Egypt & Social Media…the blueprint of creating a digital movement (even for your church.)

Churches can learn a lesson from the digital revolution in Egypt. A digital movement can be generated using the social media tools now available. The power is in your hands. Use it wisely.

Singing from the same sheet of music… Using Dropbox for Worship planning.

Many times, getting all the materials ready for Sunday Morning worship can be a hassle. People are e-mailing songs, announcements, sermon outline changes, slides or any number of things or running around with USB drives to get everything ready. Here is one tool that can help…

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